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Vitamin C has been the go-to vitamin for supporting the immune system and skin health for years. Vitamin C has been studied countless times. Numerous studies have shown that receiving Vitamin C intravenously can produce levels in the blood many times higher than if taken orally. Intravenous infusion provides a superior advantage over oral supplements, which can struggle to be absorbed from the gut if you have malabsorptive issues.

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for humans as our bodies are unable to produce it like other plants and animals due to a lack of an enzyme. Therefore, humans rely on external sources to supply us with Vitamin C with it being present in citrus fruits, strawberries and even cruciferous vegetables.

Vitamin C has a role to play in the immune system. It is an antioxidant, being a free radical scavenger. It helps protect our cells and tissues by preventing oxidative stress which can lead to chronic degenerative diseases. It is known that Vitamin C is essential for optimum immune function by helping minimise and fight off oxidative stress, inflammation and infections.

Vitamin C is also essential in forming collagen and is needed for growth and repair. Vitamin C is key in the production of type 1 collagen which is one of the most abundant molecues in the body. Collagen is vital for wound healing, repair and maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth.

Low Vitamin C may lead to dry skin and hair, increased tendency to bruise, poor wound healing, higher levels of inflammation and higher susceptibility to infections.


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