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In the past, liposuction was the primary method for addressing excess fat; however, a non-invasive solution has emerged: fat dissolving injections. This convenient alternative offers a simple way to reduce small fat pockets on both the face and body. Commonly targeted areas include under the chin and around the jawline. The injections effectively dissolve fat cells, enabling the body to naturally eliminate them. This approach provides a quick and efficient means of achieving the desired results without the need for surgical intervention.

Benefits of Fat Dissolving Injections


Unlike liposuction, which typically requires several weeks of recovery, fat dissolving injections offer a convenient walk-in, walk-out appointment with minimal impact on your social activities. This minimally invasive alternative involves a series of small injections using a dissolving product into the targeted area. While mild swelling and discomfort may occur as side effects, you can typically resume your regular activities within a few days. This approach provides a swift and efficient option for addressing excess fat pockets without the extended downtime associated with more invasive procedures such as liposuction.


A typical fat dissolving treatment session lasts approximately one hour, allowing you to promptly return to your regular activities. Depending on your individual needs, we generally recommend a series of 2-4 treatments, which will be tailored to your specific goals during your consultation. The final results become noticeable after approximately 12 weeks, as the body naturally eliminates the dissolved fat cells. If you seek to regain your confidence and address stubborn areas of fat, fat dissolving injections offer an effective means of bringing your aesthetic aspirations to fruition.

Frequently Asked Questions


Fat dissolving injections utilise a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring molecule in our bodies responsible for breaking down dietary fat. When these injections are administered beneath the chin, they effectively and permanently reduce fat, leading to a more defined neck profile and jawline contour. By targeting and eliminating the excess fat cells in this area, fat dissolving injections can help achieve a more sculpted and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


The fat dissolving procedure is performed by numbing the area of skin under the chin or body with local anaesthetic. A grid is marked up to ensure that equal amounts of product are injected uniformly to produce a symmetrical outcome. The points are then injected with a fat dissolving product.


Cold packs and local anaesthesia are used to make the treatment more comfortable.


Most patients will require around 2-4 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. The fat treated and dissolved is gone permanently.


Destruction of fat cells occur immediately, however over the following 8-12 weeks they are slowly cleared from the area by the body’s lymphatic system. Each time this procedure is performed there is loss of about 25% of fat cells in the area. Typically 2-4 treatments are required to get the desired result.


Side effects from fat reduction injectable treatments are usually mild and will disappear completely within 30 days. Swelling is normal with this treatment and can be reduced by wearing a compression garment after the treatment if wanted, otherwise it will resolve over 2-4 weeks. Temporary numbness in the treatment area can occur and this usually wears off within 30 days. A feeling of warmth or heat will be experienced by many immediately following the procedure, accompanied by redness. Patients will also note firmness to the treated area after the procedure, which may last several weeks. There may also be some mild bruising after the procedure. This should subside within a few days. Some patients will feel an itching or prickly sensation for a short time. If you experience this, do not itch or massage the area.


Following the treatment, you can expect the maximum swelling to occur within the initial 48 hours, gradually subsiding over the next 1-2 weeks. It is common to experience temporary numbness and a sensation of tightness in the treated area, which may persist for up to a month following the treatment. These post-treatment effects are typically temporary and part of the normal healing process.


Fat dissolving injections do not require specific aftercare instructions. However, if desired, you may apply cold packs to the treated area as needed within the first 24 hours. This can help minimise any potential swelling or discomfort experienced.


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