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Enhance Your Jawline with Jawline Filler

Jawline filler, or dermal filler applied to the jaw area, offers a versatile approach to redefine and enhance the appearance of the jawline.

The treatment plan for jawline filler can be customised based on your preferences and desired outcome. It aims to add volume and provide aesthetic structural support to specific areas of the jawline to achieve a more defined and balanced jawline contour.

In many cases, jawline filler treatments are combined with upper face or cheek filler treatments to create a comprehensive facial enhancement. This combination approach helps ensure a harmonious and natural-looking result by addressing multiple areas of the face simultaneously. Additionally, anti-wrinkle injections may be considered as a complementary treatment to reduce muscle bulk.

What can jaw filler do for you?

Size and Shape

Using firm filler that functions in a similar way to bone we can change the size and strength of the jawline


As we age, changes occur in the structure and composition of the jawline, including bone loss and sagging of the fat pads. Jawline filler can be a suitable solution to address these age-related changes and enhance the appearance of the jawline.

Frequently Asked Questions


Overall, the injections usually cause only minimal sensations of pinching or stinging. A topical anaesthetics can be used if required. Most jaw fillers contain a local anaesthetic that takes effect immediately after the injections are given.


The duration of results from jaw fillers can vary between individuals, however in general, jaw filler lasts 12-24 months.


It can be hard to know exactly how much dermal filler you will need without consulting with one of our injectors first. We can assess your features and discuss your treatment goals to determine the amount of filler that can be used.

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