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Terms and Conditions

Consultation Fee

Patients seeing Dr Ash Gordon for cosmetic consultation will incur a $150 consult fee. These fees are non-negotiable. Other consultation fees if applicable may be found on our Prices page.

Cancellation/No Show Fee

A cancellation fee of $50 will be charged for cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment. If a patient does not turn up to an appointment a fee of $50 will also be charged. This is non-negotiable. There will be no fee for appointments rescheduled or cancelled with more than 24 hours notice.


Unfortunately, due to the nature of our clinic, children are not permitted to attend appointments.
We use numerous light and laser-based devices, as well as products and chemicals that may pose a health risk. In extenuating conditions, dependants may be permitted.

Refund Policy

It is important to note that with any medical procedure there is no guarantee of results and outcomes. Every patient is different, and no treatment plan is an exact science. At Redefine Aesthetics, we make every effort to ensure that your aesthetic outcome is achieved. However we can never guarantee the results of the treatment provided. As a patient of Redefine Aesthetics, you acknowledge that there is no guarantee for any procedure that is performed in the clinic. Once a treatment has been administered, and the associated products have been used, refunds will not be offered by any consulting doctor, nurse, or therapist.. This is non-negotiable.


All faces are asymmetrical. Our doctors, nurses and therapists will do our best to improve this. However asymmetry is still common after a procedure has been performed. All corrections of asymmetry post treatment are at the cost of the patient. We do not offer any complimentary treatments in the case of asymmetry.

Suitability For Treatment

Treatments vary from patient to patient and the doctor, nurses and therapists may not always be able to treat you for what you have made a booking for. It is at the discretion of the practitioner as to whether they believe the patient is suitable for the treatment presenting. Our patient’s safety is our primary concern, and we will not treat if the patient is unsuitable for the procedure. If this occurs the patient will be charged a consult fee as per our consultation terms and conditions. This is non-negotiable.

Laser Procedures

Patients having laser procedures should not present with current fake tan or recent sun exposure (for at least 2 weeks), active cold sores or currently taking isotretinoin. A fee may be charged if an appointment needs to be postponed due to these conditions.

Credit Card Levy

Payments made via AMEX will incur a 3% surcharge.

Review Of Procedure

A complementary review is offered 2 weeks post procedure. If you have any issues or concerns in the meantime, please call the clinic on 9100 3434 or email info@redefineaesthetics.com.au.

Ceasing The Clinic-Patient Relationship

The doctors, nurses and therapists reserve the right to cease the clinic-patient relationship at any time. In this case, the patient will be offered an alternative doctor or clinic to continue their treatments.

Communications With The Clinic

Please contact the clinic on 9100 3434 or email info@redefineaesthetics.com.au. Messages sent to our Facebook or Instagram are not always actively monitored. Please direct all enquiries through phone or email to ensure a prompt response.

Feedback & Complaints

Please send all feedback and complaints to info@redefineaesthetics.com.au and the feedback process will be followed.

Virtual Consultations

Virtual appointments are not to be recorded, shared, or published without prior consent from Dr Ash Gordon. All images, audio and video are the property of Redefine Aesthetics.

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